Portfolio Course

Portfolio Course

Term 1: 28th October - 19th December 2013
Term 2: 13th January - 7th March 2014
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This course is unique to the west coast of Scotland and offers the student an opportunity to study in an intimate and stimulating environment. It is designed for people who wish to gain access to degree study at art school or would like to study art at a deeper level. Many mature students have used this course as a sabbatical or as a chance to develop a new direction in their lives. The course offers excellent studio facilities for twelve students ensuring a personal input in a creative and supporting environment.

    portfolio studio 1st term drawing

As the course is short, delivering two eight week terms, it is structured and intensively taught, covering all aspects of what is required of a portfolio. The first term is structured such that the students are given the basics of artistic experimentation covering a wide variety of disciplines, including drawing painting, printmaking, life drawing and textiles. The use of sketchbooks is encouraged and forms a critical part in the students visual research. The course is taught Monday - Thursday 9.30am-4.00pm, with additional weekend projects. Theses projects are given to aid the student to find their own voice away from the taught environment encouraging self-motivation and a personal voice.

The history of art is taught in direct relation to the course structure giving students a clear context in which to place their work. An essay is set towards the end of the first term to help students develop a critical response to their own work and to that of chosen artists. Tutorials are given throughout both terms. There is a research and development week in the first term which deals with the application process to art colleges and a study period for the essay.

The main tutor is Eleanor White who has a wide range of teaching at foundation level. Other visiting artists and teachers will complement the general programme to respond to specialist discipline requirements. Opportunity is given for group seminars to study the work of artists and students are also encouraged to take part in group critiques.

A research project is given over the Christmas break where students endeavour to find a personal response to their chosen discipline building on the first terms exploration. This project becomes the springboard for the structure of the second term, during which students learn the practice of good shared studio discipline, respecting each others work place. The second term is a time for real experimentation to take place, and although it is taught it is student led, and forms the backbone of the personal work that is the main part of the portfolio.

Bridge House Art is a small school with limited space, but all efforts are made to motivate the student in realising their creative potential. The past success rate of students gaining entry to their chosen college is high and the ethos of Bridge House Art is to embrace the liberating force of art as a powerful, personal language for each individual. The course does not ensure entry to degree level but will enable the students to be confident about their work and equip them to undertake a degree course with a firm foundation in the visual arts.

Students use the course as a means to apply for degree study and to develop their work as artists. The images (below) show 2nd term work.

Fees £2200 ( £1100 per term)

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